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Mar 20, 2014 8:00 PM by Annie Snead

Your Healthy Family: Local woman loses 180 pounds

Life changing weight loss for one local woman - Kathy Drevs is sharing her story of losing 180 pounds in a year and a half.
"I was frustrated and it was just time," said Drevs.
At 338 pounds Kathy Drevs had had enough.
"I just got to a point where I was going to the plus size stores and not being able to shop in the plus size stores," she said.
And being on her feet a lot for work was getting tougher.
No one was pushing her to lose the weight, she was just finally ready.
"My husband just recently confessed to me that he was starting to get concerned that I wouldn't be around to see our kids get married," Kathy said.
She made the call to Metabolic Research Center in Colorado Springs on the spur of the moment.
"It started working for me immediately in the first month, I can't even remember the pounds that I lost but the first month was 26 inches..that was just a "Oh My Gosh" (moment)," she said.
And there was no turning back, a total of 180 pounds lost.
She says her coach Carrie has been her lifeline and extremely invested in her success.
"That helps keep you going because there are times when you hit those plateaus and you get into those ruts. Can I eat any more chicken? Or do I have to have fish again? And they're always right there to pull you out," Drevs told News 5's Annie Snead.
Her diet of fast and processed foods has changed to fruits and vegetables and she doesn't use salt anymore. She also exercises almost every day.
Along with her amazing weight loss, the real win for Kathy is how she feels.
"It wasn't about looking good in a pair of jeans or a shirt or anything like was just about my overall health," she added.
Kathy is also training to run a 5K and go up the Manitou Incline for the first time.


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