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Aug 9, 2013 7:41 AM by Lacey Steele

Your Healthy Family: Mosquito Magnets

We know flooding can bring up the worry of mosquitoes.

Keeping them away from you and your loved ones is important.

In today's Your Healthy Family, here's some reasons why you may be a mosquito magnet.

the Smithsonian has come up with a list of what makes mosquitoes more attracted to us.

Number 1: beer.

The little biters like it, even if you drink just one bottle.

Plus it raises your body heat which mosquitoes like.

That's why number two on the list is exercise, and number three is if you're pregnant.

That's also due to a high body heat and the fact that pregnant women exhale more carbon dioxide.

Number four is blood type.

"So if you have type O blood, you're probably twice as likely to get bit as if you have type A," said Mike McLean, a mosquito expert. "If you have type B blood, it's somewhere in the middle."

Number five comes down to what you wear.

Darker colors are mosquito magnets, so stick to light colors and white.

Remember, always have a good bug repellant if you are going to be outdoors.



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