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May 23, 2014 5:50 PM by Annie Snead

Your Healthy Family: Signs of Strokes

May is stroke awareness month, and strokes can happen at any age.
We spoke to experts about the signs, symptoms, and rehabilitation.
"Everybody is individualized, it just kind of depends on you know what part of the brain it hits, how long before they actually found out that they had a stroke," said Christine Duran, the director of nursing at The Parc in Pueblo.
And when it comes to a successful rehabilitation after having a stroke, the earlier it's identified the better.
The Parc specializes in rehabilitation, with patients staying for around a month.
"Most of it is therapy, they work with speech therapy so that way if they have any problems with eating, talking, if they have any problems with walking, they work with physical therapy," said Duran.
Recognizing the warning signs of a stroke are important.
Use "F.A.S.T." to help you remember: Face, Arms, Speech, and Time.
Check to see if the person's face is drooping on one side, ask them to raise their arms and see if one drifts.
Check to see if speech is slurred or strange.
And if there are any of these signs call 911.
"A lot of times you're going to want to see them pronounce their words, look at their tongue, but a lot of it is just the heaviness on their left arm," said Duran.
Lifestyle risk factors include obesity and tobacco use.
High blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes also increase stroke risk.


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