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Feb 18, 2014 7:31 PM by Annie Snead

Your Healthy Family: Weight Loss Follow

We've been following her weight loss journey for eight months now.
Shannon Coker has lost 71 pounds, but says the past few months have been difficult.
"It's been a struggle, the last few months have not been easy, but this last month I lost five and a half pounds which is good. I'm so excited about that," said Coker.
Checking the back of food products for the carb count comes naturally now.
"You have to strategize, you have to plan it out," she said.
Shannon has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. She's had trouble losing weight because of insulin resistance - which basically tells your body it's starving.
And recently she learned she's deficient in Vitamin D which also has a correlation with weight loss.
While it's been a challenge, she's found ways to make living a low carb high protein diet easier: like low carb ice cream, tortillas and bread.
"I think anybody considering a change has to be mentally there and ready for it. You mentally have to be ready for coming home from work after a long day and you're making a sacrifice to stand in that kitchen and cook," said Shannon.
She goes to the store pretty frequently to make sure she's eating fresh.
Optimistically she's hoping to lose 100 pounds by the one year mark.
"I really want to get there, I've thought about that number for a really long time, since I started this journey and I'm really going to push really hard," said Coker.
Losing weight means even more to Shannon right now - the weight she's at now is where she stopped losing years ago.
"This place means a lot to me and I'm eager to get passed it ," she said.


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