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Jul 7, 2014 3:06 PM by Annie Snead

Your Healthy Family: Weight Loss Journey

After Jennie Nicholson lost more than one hundred pounds and kept it off, her son Zachary decided to take charge of his weight.
"I just hated looking at myself in the mirror, I hated getting clothes for myself, I basically hated everything about myself and the biggest thing I lacked was confidence," said Jennie Nicholson.
Nicholson says she was an emotional eater. After trying all the diets she could think of, she went to Metabolic Research Center in Colorado Springs - and it worked.
"Metabolic had so many educational classes that I learned I needed to replace those emotions with positive things even if its just sitting down and putting a scrap book together or putting a puzzle together for a few minutes while I get through that time rather than turn towards food," she said.
She lost 105 pounds in 9 months and has kept it off for years.
"You can lose the weight and reach your goal but that's not the end of your journey that's actually just the beginning and that you have to know that your lifestyle has to change," she said.
A change that inspired her son Zachary, losing 75 pounds since November.
While he has ups and downs, he says it's the greatest decision he's made for himself.
"Looking at her knowing that she had struggles her whole time too and she kind of just told me hey if you do this I guarantee it will work for you and what she said was right, it has worked for me," he said.
They both crave healthy food now and the loss has made a huge difference in how they feel.
"When you look at yourself in the mirror, it's like wow I'm becoming the person I want to be instead of the person I was before," said Zach.
"As a parent, to watch him gain the confidence that I watched get beaten away from other kids comments and being left out, that has been worth so much more than my own journey," added Jennie.
Jennie also said she never thought she'd be a physically fit person, but now she's hiked the incline and takes exercise classes; which she says have been a major contributor in keeping the weight off.


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