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4 years 5 months ago

UK nuclear submarine grounded in accident

LONDON (AP) - Britain's defense ministry says a nuclear-powered submarine has been involved in an accident off the coast of Scotland. Officials confirmed the vessel involved was HMS Astute, one of Britain's fleet of submarines powered by a nuclear reactor. The defense ministry insisted in a statement that...

4 years 5 months ago

IVF pioneer wins Nobel Prize for medicine

Robert Edwards of Britain has won the 2010 Nobel Prize in medicine for the development of in-vitro fertilization, a breakthrough that has helped millions of infertile couples to have children. Edwards and Patrick Steptoe, who died in 1988, developed the IVF technique, in which egg cells are fertilized outside...

4 years 9 months ago

12 dead in U.K. shooting rampage

British police say a taxi driver went on a shooting rampage across rural northwestern England, killing 12 people and wounding 25 others before turning the gun on himself. It's Britain's deadliest mass shooting since 1996 and shocked a country where gun ownership is tightly restricted.

4 years 11 months ago

Britons win payout over burns from 'toxic sofas'

A British court says hundreds of people who received chemical burns from leather sofas will share 20 million pounds ($30 million) in compensation. The customers took legal action after claiming of skin and eyecomplaints or breathing difficulties from the Chinese-made furniture, dubbed "toxic sofas." The problems were blamed on dimethyl...

4 years 11 months ago

World's largest marine reserve created

Britain on Thursday created the world's largest marine reserve by banning fishing around the U.K.-owned archipelago in the Indian Ocean - a cluster of 55 islands across that cover an area larger than California. The move pleased environmentalists but angered exiled Chagos Islanders, who say it creates an obstacle...

5 years 2 weeks ago

U.K. millionaire to move to mud hut

A 41-year-old millionaire businessman who nearly died in a car crash eight years ago is leaving behind his exquisite 16th-century farmhouse and lavish lifestyle to move to a mud hut in Uganda and start a children's charity. Jon Pedley plans to sell his telecommunications businesses, a $1.5 million Essex...

5 years 2 months ago

US and Britain close their embassies in Yemen

Both the U.S. and Britain have closed their embassies in Yemen, with American officials citing threats by the al-Qaida group linked to the failed bombing of a Detroit-bound plane on Christmas Day. In London, Britain's Foreign Office says the embassy in Yemen was closed Sunday for security reasons. She said...

5 years 2 months ago

New restrictions to add to air-travel headaches

New security restrictions swiftly implemented following a botched attempt to blow up an airliner on Christmas Day will make air travel more burdensome and could discourage some business fliers - key customers for the airlines. Passengers will likely face longer lines at checkpoints and less freedom to move around the...

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