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5 years 1 week ago

Fortuneteller charged with raping teens

A Southern California jury is deciding the fate of a fortuneteller accused of convincing teen girls he could turn around bleak futures if they had sex with him. Cesar Duran is charged with forcible rape, lewd acts on a 14-year-old child and unlawful intercourse with a minor. The Torrance...

5 years 3 months ago

5.8 earthquake shakes San Diego area

A magnitude-5.8 earthquake in northern Baja California rocked the U.S.-Mexico border region Wednesday, causing buildings to sway more than 100 miles to the west in downtown San Diego and southwestern Arizona. The main quake was centered about 20 miles southeast of the Mexican border city of Mexicali, according to...

5 years 3 months ago

Heavy snow socking northern California

A mix of rain and snow making its way through northern California. Heavy snowfall on Interstate 80 between Sacramento and Reno made plows and snow tires a necessity Wednesday morning. With as much as seven to nine inches of accumulation in some places, emergency crews were out to keep an...

5 years 3 months ago

Scientists begin testing mussels for pollutants

California scientists hope studying 180 black mussels pried from algae-covered rocks in San Francisco Bay will provide clues into how many drugs and chemicals are polluting waters across the nation. Mussels filter water and store contaminants in their tissue, providing a record of pollution in the environment. The creatures are...

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