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2 years 8 months ago

Sifting through the ashes

As people return to the Mountain Shadows area-- ravaged by the Waldo Canyon fire-- many are sifting through the rubble of their homes, trying to find anything salvageable. For one family, picking up the pieces isn't what makes them whole. The Hillman family spent Friday afternoon rummaging through ash,...

2 years 10 months ago

Cleanup continues in Wiley and Lamar

The tornado that touched down east of Lamar packed winds of 115 miles per hour and stayed on the ground for 12 miles. In its path several homes, critical communications towers, and a power substation, all destroyed. Near Wiley, a family says an EF-2 touched down, and their home...

4 years 6 months ago

Fountain Creek cleanup this Saturday

Trash will be cleaned out of Fountain Creek this Saturday in an effort organized by the Fountain Creek Water Sentinels, a branch of the Sierra Club. They're still seeking volunteers. If you'd like to help, meet at El Centro del Quinto Sol, 609 N. Erie Ave., around 9:15. Volunteers...

4 years 7 months ago

Economy: Oil cleanup both bonanza and bust

An Associated Press analysis finds some places have done pretty well since the Gulf oil spill while others have been hit by a double-whammy. The worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history has spurred something of an economic boom in some communities where cleanup operations are based. But other...

4 years 8 months ago

Limon Begins Cleanup From Hail Damage

Residents of Limon began cleanup Monday following a July 4th hail storm that broke windows, totaled cars, and ripped leaves from trees and bushes. The storm hit just before dusk Sunday, chasing 4th of July revelers inside and, in some cases, into basements fearing a tornado may be on its...

4 years 9 months ago

Spilled oil aiming at Florida panhandle

The fight to save the white sand is on in the Florida Panhandle, famous for beaches looking like they're covered with sugar. A slick from the nation's worst oil spill is pushing perilously close and crews on the mainland are doing what they can to limit the catastrophe. Emergency...

5 years 1 week ago

Homeless camp cleanups underway

With the No-Camping Ordinance in full effect, the faces of the creek beds around Colorado Springs are beginning to change. Earlier this week we showed you an abandoned campsite near America the Beautiful Park. Where syringes once laid, now geese now scamper around for the first time in a long...

5 years 2 months ago

Hundreds clean up Texas oil spill

Nearly half the oil that spilled at a major Texas port during a collision between a tanker and a towing vessel has evaporated, dispersed or been recovered from the water, the Coast Guard said Monday. About 175,000 gallons of oil has evaporated or dispersed, Coast Guard Petty Officer Casey...

5 years 2 months ago

Homeless camp clean up

Volunteers with Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful are cleaning the homeless camps along Fountain Creek. Conditions in the camps have grown increasingly squalid lately drawing criticism from the community and city council. The problem, says Colorado Springs Police Officer Brett Iverson, is misguided generosity by the community. An overwhelming amount...

5 years 4 months ago

California lawmakers approve $11B water overhaul

California lawmakers have passed an $11 billion overhaul of the state's antiquated water system, ending decades of debate over how to supply a soaring population while preserving the fragile environment. The state Assembly passed a package of water bills and the bond measure to fund them before dawn Wednesday. The...

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