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4 years 9 months ago

Colorado moon rocks missing

A set of moon rocks given to Colorado in 1974 have apparently gone missing. The rocks are valued at $5 million on the black market and few even realized that they existed until a college student began searching for them for an assignment. Another set of moon rocks collected...

4 years 11 months ago

U.S. space supremacy now in question

In the midst of President Obama's announcement Thursday that NASA's human space flight budget will be reduced. Many in the space industry fear the US is losing its grip on space superiority. "What we are seeing is that we are not holding our place." says Janet Stevens with the Space...

5 years 5 months ago

Don't worry - asteroid not a threat

Earth can breathe a sigh of relief. NASA has lowered the odds of an 885-foot asteroid striking the planet in 2036. Scientists originally said there was a 1-in-45,000 chance that the asteroid (Apophis) could hit the planet on April 13, 2036. But after further analysis using some new images, they...

5 years 6 months ago

NASA's moon mission grounded by Obama panel

A White House panel of independent space experts says NASA's return-to-the-moon plan just won't fly. The problem is money. The expert panel estimates it would cost about $3 billion a year beyond NASA's current budget. The plan to revisit the moon by 2020 was proposed five years ago by then-President...

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