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4 years 11 months ago

Volcanic ash still limiting flights

European airports sent thousands of planes into the sky today after a week of unprecedented disruptions, but shifting winds sent a new plume of volcanic ash over Scandinavia, forcing some airports in Norway and Sweden to close again. A spokesman for Eurocontrol, the European air traffic agency, says the...

4 years 11 months ago

CDC confirms norovirus on 3rd straight SC cruise

Officials with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say tests confirm that norovirus caused intestinal illness on a third straight cruise from South Carolina earlier this month. The norovirus sickened almost 420 people aboard Celebrity Mercury, which returned to Charleston on March 18. Norovirus symptoms include nausea,...

5 years 2 weeks ago

Airline luggage went unscanned in Denver

Denver airport officials say hundreds of bags were loaded onto airplanes in late December without being run through security scanners. The Transportation Security Administration says it's investigating. Denver International Airport Manager of Aviation Kim Day says the incident involved "a couple thousand" bags. An airport memo indicates the...

5 years 1 week ago

Swine flu shots, while you wait

Grabbing a bite to eat, or picking up a magazine aren't the only options for passengers waiting for a flight at a Washington-area airport. Now, travelers can get a swine flu shot while they wait. State and local health officials are giving free H1N1 vaccinations at Dulles International Airport...

5 years 5 months ago

Frontier Airlines emerges from bankruptcy

Frontier Airlines is out of bankruptcy protection and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Republic Airways Holdings Inc. The Denver-based carrier field for bankruptcy protection in April 2008. It has reduced its routes since then and has been turning an operating profit for the past several months. Nearly all...

5 years 6 months ago

Brief hijack episode in Mexico ends

A hijacking in Mexico is apparently over. An airplane was briefly hijacked today as it landed in Mexico City after a flight from the resort of Cancun, but officials now say all passengers and crew have been released unharmed. Television images showed police leading at least five men from the...

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