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2 years 8 months ago

Video of the Day: Falling

Have you heard of "falling?" If not, check out our Video of the Day! This is just one of many videos on Youtube of teens taking tumbles in stores. CLICK HERE to watch the entire video. If you saw this happen in your aisle, what would you do?...

3 years 2 weeks ago

Video of the Day: DJ Kittens

Let the kittens get your party started as they mix and scratch. Our video of the Day comes from The video has about 1,500 views right now. If you want to check of the kittens skills, CLICK HERE .

3 years 3 weeks ago

Video of the Day: Human mirror

It was a shock for New York City subway riders. The popular comedy group, Improv Everywhere had another prank up their sleeve and created a human mirror on the 6 train. If you aren't sure what that means, CLICK HERE .

3 years 3 weeks ago

Video of the Day

Need a good laugh? Check out our video of the day. This adorable kitten seemed to just run out of energy. So far, the video has about 25,000 views. Click HERE to watch the full video.

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