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1 year 7 months ago

Your Healthy Family: Pet Physical Therapy

Tools like treadmills and techniques like underwater exercise have been staples of physical therapy for humans for some time. In today's Your Healthy Family, pets are now reaping the benefits as well. There's a specialized water treadmill being used by veterinarians to help rehabilitate dogs and, believe it...

3 years 2 days ago

Skinny people eat chocolate

Here's some good news for all you choco-holics out there: a new study indicates those who eat more chocolate, weigh less. The new research suggests that those who ate chocolate more frequently had a lower body mass index. That means a lower weight for their height. Doctors from...

3 years 9 months ago

Hospital promotes a healthy Bessemer

St. Mary Corwin Hospital in Pueblo wants people in their neighborhood to lead healthier lives. As part of the Healthy Bessemer initiative, the hospital gave around 70 people free health screenings Saturday morning. While the sum value of the screenings is estimated at around $1,500, organizer Michele DesLauriers says...

4 years 8 months ago

Obesity study seeking volunteers for surgery

Some obese patients reversed their diabetes soon after weight loss surgery. Now doctors are testing whether the operation helps diabetics who are merely overweight or a tad obese control their blood sugar. The Cleveland Clinic is recruiting 150 overweight and obese diabetics. Some will have surgery and their progress...

5 years 5 months ago

Study links obesity and memory loss

You've heard that being overweight puts you at risk for all kinds of health problems. But a recent study links obesity with memory loss! Researchers at UCLA and the University of Pittsburgh say, as a result, being obese or even overweight puts you at much higher risk for Alzheimer's....

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